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Company PARMI

Welcome to PARMI and Our Intelligent Solutions
for Automated Optical Inspection!


PAttern Recognition & Machine Intelligence
At PARMI, we are not just another SPI&AOI solutions provider,
but a true solutions partner; our goal is to add value to your business.
Whether we are helping you increase your PCB yield and throughput,
solve a unique challenge, or increase your ROI, we want to give you a competitive edge.
In fact, our commitment to innovation started with our company name
– PARMI is an acronym for PAttern Recognition and Machine Intelligence.

Founded in 1998, PARMI has always been synonymous with innovation,
and our award-winning bench-top and in-line systems help us support
all your solder paste application challenges.
Since installing our first machine back in 2005, we’ve delivered thousands of systems globally.

We invite you to explore our industry-leading cycle times,
unparalleled global support and true commitment to ROI.
With PARMI and our unique features like Printer Doctor, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your process
is always being monitored, analyzed and continuously improved.

We look forward to learning how we can help your company achieve your goals.
Connect with the solder paste inspection experts!



See what our partners have to say about PARMI:


With PARMI, it is not just the technology, not just the people, but the total sum of the entire package. With every step we took, PARMI filled a void and lined us up for success.

Eric Krone Phoenix United


PARMI’s unique dual-laser approach and Printer Doctor feature have taken the guesswork out of solder paste inspection. Their capabilities outperform the competition.

John Tobin Quiptech

Project Execution

I would describe PARMI’s products and service as ‘phenomenal.’ They have provided us with a personal touch that other companies have not.

Tom Pergolizzi Corporate Manufacturing Director Curtis Instruments


Our PARMI SPI machine is proving its worth. Before the purchase, we had boards that would experience shorts in the connection, and that problem has now disappeared thanks to PARMI.

Jean Danger Kimchuk, Inc.