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SIGMA X – World Class 3D SPI

Products SIGMA X – World Class 3D SPI






RSC-7 Sensor

RSC 7 Sensorhead
  • Industry leading inspection speed
  • 30% faster than RSC-6
    • SIGMA X Orange : 100cm2/sec @ 10x10μm
    • SIGMA X Blue : 60cm2/sec @ 10x10μm

Optimized Panel Transportation

Optimized Panel Transportation
  • 1,000mm/sec of panel transportation
  • Reduced loading/unloading time
  • 4 seconds faster than HS60

Real 3D Images

Real 3D Images
  • PARMI’s inspection technology is unaffected by varying
    materials, surface conditions or colors.
    The system profiles the board to generate accurate
    3D shapes far superior to other brands and technologies.

Warpage Tracking in Real Time

Warpage Tracking in Real Time
  • The system identifies total board warpage up to 10mm(±5mm)
    and the exclusive Z Axis motion control system maintains
    optimal depth of focus while measuring Warpage.

PCB Warpage Measurement

  • Innovative whole board scanning uniquely delivers precise measurement of both the board surface and solder deposits.

    PCB Warpage

Dual Laser Projection

Dual Laser Projection
  • Dual laser projection eliminates all
    shadowing and produces the highest level of
    measurement accuracy. Using a high frame
    CMOS camera the system realizes the 3D
    shape of the entire board scanning area.

PCB Stretch and Shrink Management

  • Managed by comparing the board image and Gerber Data, fiducial coordinates and printed material offsets are identified and communicated to upstream and downstream processes supporting closed loop control.

Highest Quality Parts

  • Steel castings and linear glass encoders dampen vibration, address temperature fluctuation and provide high accuracy and repeatability.


Ultra-SLIM Size

  • Efficient use of the inside space of the machine.
  • Compact Sensor RSC-7
  • Effectively increasing the inspection area and reducing the machine dimensions simultaneously.


The Most Stable Platform

  • Strong X/Y Stage and base frame
  • Lightweight moving parts
  • Most stable and fastest, vibration free motion delivers high accuracy and repeatability


Electronic Components Repositioned for Easier Access.

  • Designed for front machine access providing quick and easy access to the operating system.
  • Slide rail for PC makes you access to back-side of machine easily.


All New Design

  • Refined and luxurious exterior.
  • Simple monitor console.
  • Most external switches are eliminated.


Continuous Process Improvement

  • PARMI’s SPI is the Product Innovation Award Winner for 2013 and 2014
  • Intelligent machine design to identify and eliminate paste printing errors.
  • Exclusive “Jet SPI Defect Repair” adds paste to insufficiently filled store. This reduces rework and loss.
  • Unique "Printer Doctor" analyzes inspection data, compares results with paste printing, provides appropriate feedback to the operator and provides trend analysis. Process changes are detected immediately.
  • Process analysis and SPC statistics tools as well as closed-loop interfaces for upstream and downstream processes