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Closed Loop Feedback

Technology Closed Loop Feedback

Interactive communication delivers higher yields and higher throughput

At PARMI, one of our key goals is to provide you with a suite of closed loop feedback tools designed to deliver the highest yields and production volumes possible. We’ve collaborated with best-in-class partners to design integrated tools to automatically adjust your processes in real-time. With interactive, closed loop communication, you can maximize the performance of your machines ― and your processes.

Screen printer communication

PARMI’s screen printer tool includes closed loop communication of X, Y and rotation offsets, plus stencil wiper trigger commands. Data sharing between machines is designated by bar code or squeegee-print direction. For PCBs with barcodes, feedback is matched between machines via PCB serial number. For PCBs without barcodes, print direction detection identifies stroke direction (either front-to-back or back-to-front) to ensure corresponding data and offset corrections remain synched ― a feature that is exclusive to PARMI.
And with PARMI’s unique Printer Doctor functionality, you can be confident your process is being continuously monitored. The system automatically reports out-of-sync data and triggers stencil wiping based upon SPI results and your paste volume, height, area and bridging inspection settings.

Placement system communication

For downstream connectivity, SIGMA X also communicates with component mounting systems. Featuring bad mark and offset functionality, the system eliminates excess cycle time and reduces component scrap. Look to PARMI’s closed loop feedback for seamless process correction and increased yield and throughput for better ROI.