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Material Compatibility

Technology Material Compatibility

Superior SPI materials compatibility

Materials capability is a critical factor when selecting an SPI system. PARMI’s system offers the widest target bandwidth and is compatible with all colors and textures. PARMI’s system treats the whole PCB as one coordinate providing superior accuracy across the whole PCB, unlike competitive field-of-view based systems.

Look to PARMI SPI materials compatibility for:

Exclusive technology 

  • Dual-laser technology eliminates shadowing
  • No internal moving parts for better reliability
  • Construction of height/map profile for each pixel for a true, 3D shape of the entire scanned area
  • Virtually zero false call and escape rates maximizing throughput


Broad bandwidth 

  • Compatible with all PCB colors and finishes
  • Identification of all features including via holes, edge-of-board and routing, plus compatibility with HASL pad finish
  • Vertical inspection range of +/- 1 mm (+/- 2mm optional)


Industry’s Best Warp Control 

  • Innovative, real-time Z Axis tracks with your PCB surface and manages +/- 5mm of panel warp
  • Provides optimal camera and laser focal distance to ensure accurate measurement
  • Operators are prompted to remove all PCBs that do not meet specs


Realistic 3D images 

  • 3D images are colored according to height, volume, offset, sigma and defect frequency
  • Simultaneously shows both defective pads and surrounding pads
  • Images are easily rotated, enlarged and exported
  • Inspection results are viewed instantly, in real-time