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Printer Doctor Analytics

Technology Printer Doctor Analytics

Expand your SPI capability beyond good board/bad board

PARMI is committed to delivering SPI machines that not only separate good boards from bad, but also have process improvement tools that are built right in. And we’ve taken that commitment to the next level with Printer Doctor; an award-winning feature of the Sigma X system.
With Printer Doctor, there is no need to continuously monitor your screen printing process; instead Printer Doctor does the work for you. Printer Doctor correlates SPI data-to-screen printing variables and trend analysis rules automatically in real time. You simply predetermine your warning levels, set alerts and define corrective action settings ― Printer Doctor does the rest. The system identifies concerns, prompts your operator to take action and provides user-defined context-sensitive instruction. The system also interacts with your printer.

No more constant monitoring ― just constant process improvement with Printer Doctor 

  • Analyze your data automatically in real time
  • Predetermine your limit specifications with a simple screen set-up
  • Obtain both visual and audible alerts when system thresholds are reached
  • Receive system error reports in both text and graphical display
  • Automatically trigger screen printer actions such as stencil wiping


Monitoring: Digital Variables and Trend Changes

Monitoring digital variables is critical to ensuring proper screen printer set-up. It’s particularly valuable in low-volume lot size applications when process tuning isn’t an option, or when your customer requires a misprinted PCB to be scrapped.

Monitored digital variables include: 

  • Effects of Screen printer: PCB support tooling; discovery of missing or inaccurate placement of pins, obstructed dedicated tooling, pin firing and pin contact with flexible automatically activated systems
  • Assurance that the right Stencil thickness is in use
  • Solder paste condition: ‘Ready to print ‘and ‘Paste run out’
  • Squeegee blade integrity: prevents damaged or nicked blade use
  • Board clamp condition: ensures edge of PCB printing performance alerting you to damaged, bent or missing clamps


Trend change advises you when your process is drifting out of control:

Printer Doctor also monitors trend change in real time via the integrated Shewhart and Western Electric Rules; two long-time industry standards. With these tools in place, your SPI data and process is analyzed against data-driven metrics. All data is measured and interpreted the same way, and like the monitoring of digital items when your process is drifting (or goes out of control), your operators are notified.