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Technology Programming

SPI programming: Simple & Fast

PARMI’s approach to programming is simple, fast and complete. Programs are easily and quickly generated off-line, typically in ten minutes or less.
Parmi systems use industry standard ePM software with Gerber RS-274X and complete CAD support. Fiducials are taught in the program and offers advanced ARRAY programming. The system can even import programs previously generated from other brands of SPI using ePM, reducing switching costs.

Other advantages include: 

  • Supports individual barcodes, bad marks, fiducials and data per board
  • Manual and automatic teaching methods
  • Standard Gerber RS-274D, RS-274X
  • CAD X-Y (BOM), PinCAD
  • Fabmaster Pin CAD
  • Mentor Neutral, ECad Design, ODB++ (Optional)