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Improving ROI

Technology Improving ROI

A Better Return on Investment in SPI Machines

With savings you can actually calculate

At PARMI, we help you build the best products for your customers by driving down cost, increasing quality, and improving on-time deliveries. In turn, we also help you increase your profitability, competitive standing and customer satisfaction. Simply, PARMI’s SPI machines deliver a better return on investment than competing solder paste inspection systems ― and we calculate the impact of your savings.

How can you achieve a better ROI with PARMI’s SPI?

We help you realize these benefits by: 

  • Using Printer Doctor to monitor screen printer set-up, printer performance and process trend analysis to ensure you are in complete control
  • Removing defective PCB’s early in the assembly process to reduce rework and scrap rates
  • With Jet we repair defects related to insufficient solder paste inside the SPI machine to eliminate scrap, maximize assembly capacity, and deliver more good PCBs per hour 

PARMI Impact Calculator defines gains in profitability

While our customers often cite dramatic gains in their assembly processes and yields, even modest improvements have a tremendous impact on overall performance.
We use the PARMI Impact Calculator to measure two assembly scenarios and compare yield and cycle times. In this detailed report, the first example incorporates PARMI’s Sigma X solder paste inspection machine, and the second uses no SPI at all. (This example notes conservative productivity increases with significant overall benefit.)

In this conservative example, two variables are adjusted: 

  • Yield rate increase of 1%
  • Overall cycle time reduction of 1 second 

These incremental gains lead to significant improvements: 

  • Production capacity increased by 5%
  • Profit increased by nearly 6%
  • Machine ROI is realized in just 9 months


In your quest for perfection, higher profitability and competitiveness, even small, incremental gains have a tremendous impact on your business.