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Jet SPI Defect Repair

Technology Jet SPI Defect Repair

When you eliminate defects, you eliminate cost - Jet is the game changer

Insufficient solder paste deposits have been the number one defect in the screen printing process ― until now.
Jet, PARMI’s new SPI Jet Dispense unit eliminates rework and scrap and improves return on investment (ROI) by automatically adding solder paste to printed pads that fail your specification limits. Jet eliminates the lost productivity and material costs associated with troubleshooting, and repair of common problems such as open solder joints, head-in-pillow, tombstoning and others.

More PCBs per hour leads to increased efficiency and better ROI

With Jet, insufficient solder paste deposits are repaired in real time within the SPI machine to deliver higher productivity. Jet automatically identifies initial defects, adds necessary paste, and re-inspects PCBs for final compliance ― all without operator intervention ― for the best return on your SPI investment.

Maximum production

Jet reduces rework and material handling and produces more good PCBs per hour to increase your capacity and ensure on-time customer deliveries

Higher profitability

Elimination of operator rework and fewer scrapped boards translates to lower production costs and a real, measurable return on investment

Competitive advantage

Gain competitive advantage by demonstrating tighter process control, increased quality and lower cost to your customers

Fast, compact and immediate accuracy

Superfine 200 μm deposit is capable of single and multiple dot jetting to support many applications. The non-contact methodology works with PARMI’s Dual-Laser and Z axis warp management system to deliver amazing speed and accuracy