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PAttern Recognition & Machine Intelligence

PAttern Recognition & Machine Intelligence

Dear Valued Clients,

PARMI Co., Ltd. is a technology-intensive corporation that develops and supplies in-line 3D inspection machines
used in a wide variety of applications ranging from SMT manufacturing to semiconductor processes.

Two factors are the driving force behind today’s PARMI.

First of all, PARMI has been pursuing only the highest quality machines and technologies.
Since our establishment in 1998, PARMI has dedicated its full capacity to investing in R&D, and
at the same time, has patented the world’s only 3D dual laser scanning technology.
With our constant commitment, we are currently leading the 3D AOI and SPI industry worldwide using our proprietary technology.

Secondly, PARMI always strives to deliver more value to our customers through our development.
In addition to supplying products that assure advanced defect detection capabilites, which is the core function of inspection machines, PARMI is opening a new future for inspection machines in line with the era of the 4th Industrial Revolution.
We will continue to grow into a global leading company by providing differentiated products and services to give you confidence and pride.

Thanks to your endless trust and support, PARMI has been able to grow significantly.
We have grown in amicable relationships with our customers over the past 20 years,
and we promise that we will be the best supplier for the sake of your business for the future.

Thank you. 

President  SukYoung Hwang  


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