Strength of Laser Scanning Method

1. Inspection irrelevant of Color, Material, and Surface Roughness

  • Height acquisition regardless of color, material, and surface roughness with highly focused and uniform line beams to measure the entire surface of the object



Lead Frame


Solder paste

Solder ball

Wave Soldering



Press Fit

2. 3D Imaging of Laser Profiles using MPC (Multi Profile Correlation)

  • Height acquisition of the object by PARMI’s unique laser profiling technology to measure the exact base

3. PCB Warpage Inspection with the Real-time Z-axis Tracking Function

  • The industry’s first utilization of the real-time Z-axis for PCB warpage inspection
  • Optimized for Z-axis control with the industry’s lightest, most-compact sensor head (3.5kg)

Real-time Warpage Tracking

4. 3D Imaging of High Components by Multi-Step Scanning Function

  • Z-axis measurement to prevent images of components higher than 5mm from getting blurry

5. Perfect Shadow Effect Removal

  • Shadow effect removal by using dual lasers with narrow projection angles

6. Minimization of Image Distortion Caused by External Environment After Soldering

  • PARMI’s TRSC sensor head featuring a short exposure time
  • No image distortion by high-temperature PCBs immediately after soldering
  • No influence of external light interference

High-Temperature PCB


Measuring Principle of Laser Scanning Method

  • Different position measurement of the projected linear laser depending on the height of the object
  • Calculation of the height with the center of the measured laser for 3D imaging

Perspective view

Top view

Front view